Choosing a Trusted Online Poker Agent

by yu paka · August 16, 2018

The polemic around the difficulty of choosing a trusted online poker agent has always been a scourge for poker fans who want to play online. The rise of fraud under the guise of online gambling agents increasingly adds to the anxious of players who want to try online poker games. Online poker game fever is indeed currently infecting the public. Many people are addicted to continuing to play online poker after feeling the enormous benefits that can be obtained by playing online poker. But the trend of online poker turns out to also be used by a number of irresponsible parties as a cover for fraud.

With the increasing number of online poker agents scattered on the internet it can certainly make the bettor feel confused to choose a trusted online gambling agent. This is because it is indeed not easy to distinguish between trusted online poker sites and fake poker sites. Most all online poker agents will offer services that are almost the same or similar to one another. For this reason you must be observant in exploring information in detail before deciding to join an online poker agent. Try to carefully examine all the offers and services provided by an online gambling agent before deciding to join a certain online gambling agent.
Trusted online poker agent service facilities

A trusted online poker site will certainly have many of the best service facilities to make it easier for its customers to be able to play safely and comfortably. There are several facilities that must be owned by a trusted online poker agent. The following are the facilities provided by trusted online gambling agents for all online poker gambling fans:

Secure and comfortable transactions

In playing online poker, it certainly cannot be separated from the deposit and withdrawal process. Both of these things become inseparable in playing poker online. The deposit process itself is a fund transfer transaction as capital to play online poker. While withdrawing is the process of withdrawing funds that are an advantage for online poker players. A trusted online poker site will always provide a guarantee of security and convenience for its customers to make deposits and withdrawals. A fast and safe process will make the players feel comfortable and satisfied. Security guarantees include security for all data and assets owned by each player. With the support of local banks such as BNI, BRI, Mandiri and BCA making the transaction process easier and safer. You can see reviews from members who have joined in advance to find out the level of customer satisfaction for the service of the online poker agent.

24 hour non-stop service

As the best form of service for all customers, the best trusted online poker agents are ready to provide 24-hour non-stop service every day. That way the players will be able to play at any time wherever they are using only their internet connection. Friendly and professional customer service personnel will always be available to answer all questions from customers and help with any difficulties they face.

Experienced in betting

A trusted online poker agent generally has a fairly old site age with a large number of active members. This shows if many members are satisfied with the services provided and do not want to move to other online gambling agents. With the long time involved in the betting world certainly makes the poker agent very experienced and more professional in handling betting matters.

Easy account ID

Every player must have an account ID to be able to play online poker together with a trusted online poker site. The registration process to get a new ID account is also quite easy and straightforward. You can contact the full 24 customer service service to help guide you in opening a new ID account. Together with a trusted professional online poker site everything will be very easy. Only by having 1 ID account, you will be able to play various types of online poker games offered by trusted online poker agents.

The brief description above is a description of a number of services that must be owned by a trusted professional online poker agent. At least the online poker agent that you will choose must have a service to consumers as above so that it will make you able to play poker online comfortably and safely without worrying about unexpected things happening.

Operator Taruhan MGM bermitra dengan NBA Team Up

Operator Taruhan MGM bermitra dengan NBA Team Up

National Basketball Association dan MGM Resorts mengumumkan bahwa mereka sedang memulai kemitraan resmi multi-tahun yang akan menjadikan MGM Resorts sebagai mitra permainan resmi WNBA dan NBA. Kemitraan ini terjadi sebagai hasil dari putusan Mahkamah Agung Mei yang memungkinkan negara-negara untuk melegalkan taruhan olahraga baik untuk pemain Grande Vegas, pemilik ponsel dan online serta pelanggan kasino berbasis lahan.

Komisaris NBA Adam Silver dan CEO & CEO MGM Resorts International Jim Murren membuat pengumuman minggu lalu di New York City. Mereka membayangkan bahwa kemitraan ini akan membawa jutaan tamu MGM Resorts dan penggemar NBA bersama-sama untuk berinteraksi dengan produk dan merek masing-masing. Kemitraan ini adalah yang pertama antara liga olahraga dan operator taruhan A.S.

Kemitraan ini akan melibatkan otorisasi untuk MGM Resorts untuk menggunakan pencitraan merek dan data resmi NBA dan WNBA di lokasi taruhan olahraga darat dan digital milik MGM Resorts. Perjanjian ini tidak eksklusif sehingga NBA akan, dapat dibayangkan, dapat memulai perjanjian lainnya dengan operator taruhan lainnya.

Silver mengatakan “Karena lanskap untuk taruhan olahraga di AS terus berkembang dengan pesat, MGM Resorts adalah pemimpin permainan yang terbukti bagi kita untuk bekerja dengan kemitraan yang inovatif ini. Kolaborasi kami akan menghasilkan pengalaman permainan dan hiburan terbaik bagi konsumen melalui penggunaan data NBA dan WNBA yang akurat dan real-time, dan upaya kolektif kami untuk mempertahankan dan meningkatkan integritas permainan kami. ”

Murren setuju. “NBA selalu menjadi inovator di garis depan evolusi olahraga, dan MGM Resorts senang bermitra dengan liga untuk merevolusi taruhan olahraga di Amerika Serikat. Mengintegrasikan aset NBA dan memiliki data resmi NBA yang dipamerkan di platform MGM Resorts akan memberi kita keuntungan yang berbeda dan menanamkan kepercayaan diri lebih dalam mengetahui bahwa data kami langsung dari NBA. ”